Civilizations thrive and societies grow and flourish on the strength and impulse of engineering. Technology is a critical and integral base for development in any human society. And what we typically take for granted in medical sciences, infrastructures, social services and even recreation could not have materialized without the works and inputs of engineers and technologists. No nation on earth has made significant economic strides in any endeavor without appropriate investments in science and technology; and those investments must be by the different sectors and citizens of that country.

The intellectual springboard and foundation for these developmental marvels all around us is Consulting Engineering. Consultants bear responsibilities for the generation of ideas, creation of concepts, planning and design of projects. Good consultancy work must precede successful construction, productive manufacturing and even effective and sustainable maintenance. Its growth and enhancement therefore should be of great interest to all. The ACEN Foundation will evolve to promote and sustain these interests in our dear country, Nigeria.


The primary objectives of the Foundation amongst others include the following:

Assist to publicize and inform society of the need for expert consultancy in the various spheres of operation.

Encourage bright young graduate engineers to take up and make careers in consulting engineering.

Encourage female gender participation in consulting engineering

Promote continuous training and develop vital skills in engineering consultancy.

Regularly document the output, results and creativity of local innovations in consulting engineering.

Expand resource bases and platforms for the development of consulting engineering in Nigeria.

Encourage all stake holders to appreciate and support consulting engineering in its catalytic roles for economic development.


The Foundation was formed in response to a vital need on a long term basis for providing needed funds and grants to support the Association’s programs and projects. In fact it is similar to an endowment trust. Some areas which the Foundation will help the Association are stated in the Foundation flyer which is being passed around. Other important areas include:

  1. Fund programs that will create resources for the engineering communities, for example through specialized trainings, provide grants for select research in engineering issues in the Universities.
  2. Provide engineering students with needed scholarship awards.
  3. Seek out, document, share and celebrate innovations in the practice and products of engineers.
  4. Provide Sinking Fund for asset replacement and build financial capacity for the Association.
  5. Support the Association in developing an ACEN Resource Centre.

All these laudable feats cannot be achieved without funding.


The Foundation will carry out continuous fundraising activities and will rely on donors and sponsors through their donations in cash and in kind to enable them support the Associations programs and projects.

To kick-off the initial fundraising activities, we devised a strategy whereby we reached out to all our members to participate by submitting details of some their clients and contractors who may be potential donors to the Foundation. The reason for doing this is not far-fetched. We know that some clients who have been satisfied with the professional services of our members’ work, and who hold them in high esteem, may be willing to show appreciation by donating to the Foundation. By so doing, we will not put pressure on our members by asking for their donations at this time.

Although the process is on-going, the response from our members is very slow. We hereby appeal to our members to give us these information to enable us solicit donations from your satisfied clients and contractors. We also plan on visiting some of these potential donors, including government officials and also Lagos State and Ogun State Governors. It is good for you to know that your recommended donors will be honoured for their contributions, with branded Plaques, and depending on the level of their contributions, sections of our proposed ACEN Resource Centre will be branded with their company names.


The disbursement of the Fund will be made by the Trustees of the ACEN Foundation based on a criteria that will be drawn up and operated by the Trustees. The Trustees will include some past Presidents and elected members of the Association. The Fund will be kept in a dedicated account and will not be used for the normal operations of the Association but only for the purpose for which the ACEN Foundation is formed. It is expected that the Fund will continue to grow yearly with sufficient resources to sustain and grow the Association programs and projects.


The projected amount to achieve this objective is One Hundred and Fifty Million Naira (N 150,000,000.00).


Our target audience includes:

  • ACEN Members
  • State Governments
  • Suppliers of Equipment Engineering Consultants
  • Consulting and Contracting Firms
  • Members of the Building Infrastructure Industry
  • Clients
  • Stakeholders


ACEN urges that you support and participate in the growth of the Foundation through your contribution(s) to its Foundation Fund. Kindly write your cheques in favour of Association for Consulting Engineering in Nigeria and send to our office at Plot 4, Oyetubo Street, Off Obafemi Awolowo Road, Ikeja, Lagos. Direct transfers and payments can be made into our bank account with the following details:

Account Name: Association for Consulting Engineering in Nigeria

Bank: Guarantee Trust Bank

Account No.: 0010803814

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